The New Voices Team

    IP Guðrún Yngvadóttir

    Being a Lion has made me a better person.  Being a member of an international service organization has made me more broadminded, and understanding, and given me a greater appreciation for the needs of a diverse world.

    My club is like a slice of the whole community. Being an active member has given me an opportunity to face all kinds of challenges. Projects need to be planned, problems have to be solved, and new ideas have to be created to address ever-changing needs.  If you help your Lions club to grow and be strong, you grow too. By taking on leadership roles, you develop your skills. You find strengths you did not know you had, and you learn your weaknesses. Being a Lion has made me a better leader.

    Women are untapped resources for membership in Lions clubs. The future of Lions is in the hands of our membership, and recruiting women will help Lions clubs thrive in the future.  We need more helping hands in our Lions clubs. We need a diversity of people of both genders, from all age groups and cultures. Women are taking leadership positions at all levels of our association.

    In the over 100 year history of Lions Clubs International, we have evolved to meet the needs of the world, and we have expanded our membership to be the most diverse organization in the world.  As we expanded, we embraced the input of a wide-ranging demographic.

    The “New Voices” program continues that tradition by giving more voice to women and young people.  I am proud to be the first woman to serve as Lions Clubs International President, and gratified that women are the fastest growing single segment of our worldwide membership.

    Equally important is to recognize the input of young people.  This year, for the first time in our history, two Leos will serve as non-voting Board liaisons.

    New voices means new ideas, and a better way to answer the call to serve others as we expand our membership.